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Reimagine North Capitol Street as a Community Boulevard

NoMa needs enhanced connectivity to the west—to thriving neighborhoods like Mount Vernon triangle, to Truxton Circle and Shaw, and to Chinatown and beyond—but true connectivity must be more than roads. A reimagined North Capitol Street should serve the neighborhoods, residents, and businesses that depend on it, protect vulnerable users, and integrate communities rather than divide them.

The NoMa BID seeks both short-term and long-term ways to address the challenges of North Capitol Street, through focused core services, relationship-building with communities to the west, and intentional collaboration with ongoing efforts to recreate the corridor at the city level.

Progress on this initiative in 2022 included:

  • Being a champion for the improvement of North Capitol Street. Continued engagement with the North Capitol Street community stakeholder coalition
  • Building relationships with residents, communities, and businesses west of North Capitol Street and connecting them with targeted services, including the new developments at Banner Lane and NW One.
  • Improving and increasing NoMa neighborhood branding on North Capitol Street through new street pole banners

Targeted work on this initiative for 2023 will include:

  • Serving on the North Capitol Street Community Advisory Committee (CAC) to guide the development of street’s $1 million corridor study
  • Promoting the possibilities of the corridor through tools like renderings and art
  • Developing and deepening relationships with key corridor stakeholders like NPR and the North Capitol Main Street
  • Revising and rewriting our public space aesthetic guidelines for property owners and developers
  • Actively engaging with developers and stakeholders along the corridor

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