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Ensure that Union Station Maximally Benefits NoMa

Union Station is one of NoMa’s greatest assets and is positioned for expansion. The Washington Union Station Expansion Project (SEP) will cement the station as a world-class multi-modal facility in the heart of NoMa. Improvements will include new intercity and commuter rail passenger platforms, tracks and concourses, a new integrated intercity bus facility, and enhanced intermodal connections to the Metro, pedestrian, and vehicular modes at the station. The SEP will also create vibrant spaces in and around the historic station, tying the station even more closely to the neighborhood.

While construction for the project is still years away, the decisions being made today will directly affect NoMa and the impact of the SEP on the neighborhood. As the most transformative project in NoMa’s future, the BID must be a champion for a successful SEP and will make sure that the neighborhood’s interests are represented as plans move forward.

Progress on this initiative in 2023 included:

  • Promoting the benefit of the SEP to the NoMa neighborhood and surrounding communities. 
  • Representing the interests of the greater NoMa community during SEP planning and coalition-building. 
  • Ensuring that the strategic needs of NoMa and the BID are served throughout the SEP process and in the final product. 
  • Working with the appropriate parties to ensure the project’s completion and success. 
  • Writing letters of support and seeing the advancement of the draft Environmental Impact Study (EIS), a necessary element of the SEP process. 
  • Working with Union Station management to clean the Bikestation facility and make it ready for new activation and use. 
  • Promoting positive stories about the station, including new retail openings. 

Targeted work on this initiative for 2024 will include:

  • Utilizing Union Station more frequently for space activations and events. 
  • Championing the public release of the EIS. 
  • Exploring the use of NoMa branding/advertising inside of Union Station. 
  • Adding wayfinding signage to Union Station itself or the areas immediately outside. 

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