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Deepen and Broaden the NoMa BID’s Core Services to Meet the Changing Needs of the Neighborhood and its Parks

The NoMa BID delivers services to businesses, property owners, developers, residents, workers, and visitors.

Each of these audiences interacts differently with the neighborhood, and has different needs, wants, and
experiences. Our core services were established to meet those needs and as the neighborhood changes,
so will our role in serving it. The keystone of this initiative is evolving BID services in concert with
NoMa, anticipating needs and adapting to them as seamlessly as possible. Built into this idea is a creative
and flexible staff that is happy and well-managed, and an internal structure that elevates communication and collaboration across departments.

Progress on this initiative in 2022 included:

  • Securing the renewal of the NoMa BID through the end of the 2027 fiscal year
  • Launching a dedicated BID Member communication newsletter
  • Adding and reorganizing staff to build capacity and expand the breadth of our core services
  • Shifting administrative and HR management tasks to a streamlined web platform, reducing overhead and freeing up capacity for core service work
  • Building dedicated capacity for public art, placemaking, and public space activations
  • Adding staff to the marketing and events team to reflect our expanded schedule of events and renewed focus on neighborhood attention and attraction
  • Conducting our biannual Community Survey
  • Working to expand our management and operations for NoMa’s parks and public spaces, including establishing a Board committee and extensive planning around the upcoming transition of the NoMa Parks Foundation
  • Redevelopment of our Community Resource Management (CRM) platform for more effective internal data management
  • Purchasing new equipment for the NoMa BID Ambassadors, including a better equipped vehicle for service throughout the BID

Targeted work on this initiative for 2023 will include:

  • Merging our Ambassador Operations and Public Realm departments into a consolidated Public Space Operations department, allowing for more effective communication and collaboration
  • Expansion of the BID boundaries, if desired/necessary, and if pre-conditions are met
  • Redesigning and launching our NoMa BID website to better serve NoMa residents, workers, and visitors
  • Expanding our work to bring in partners and sponsors whose services dovetail with our own
  • Refining and streamlining the BID’s data and information architecture for better access

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