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Deepen and Broaden the NoMa BID’s Core Services to Meet the Changing Needs of the Neighborhood and its Parks

The NoMa BID delivers services to businesses, property owners, developers, residents, workers, and visitors.

Each of these audiences interacts differently with the neighborhood, and has different needs, wants, and
experiences. Our core services were established to meet those needs and as the neighborhood changes,
so will our role in serving it. The keystone of this initiative is evolving BID services in concert with
NoMa, anticipating needs and adapting to them as seamlessly as possible. Built into this idea is a creative
and flexible staff that is happy and well-managed, and an internal structure that elevates communication and collaboration across departments.

Progress on this initiative in 2023 included:

  • Establishing a new board for the NoMa Parks Foundation and transitioning the work of the Foundation from a project delivery entity to a steward and champion of NoMa’s parks. 
  • Adding the Metropolitan Beer Trail, previously an annually appropriated progam, to the BID’s ongoing slate of core activities following the success of the first two years. 
  • Increasing communication and engagement with BID stakeholders through a dedicated, first-of-its-kind newsletter specifically for BID members. 
  • Expanding our attention to public safety, including organizing and attending public safety walks, ANC and civic association meetings, and meetings with businesses and community leaders. 
  • Deeping our knowledge of public safety tools that can be deployed by NoMa businesses to protect themselves. 
  • Building on the success of the quarterly business social gatherings to create a connected network of business managers and owners that can support and engage with one another. 
  • Adding and reorganizing staff to build capacity and expand the breadth of our core services. 
  • Signing a lease for new office space in the neighborhood, from which the BID will provide its core services in a combined office/ambassador space, beginning in 2024. 
  • Reorganizing administrative and HR management tasks to a streamlined web platform, reducing overhead and freeing up capacity for core service work. 
  • Continued investment in BID staff, both in terms of capacity-building and professional development. 
  • Repositioning our Community Resource Management (CRM) platform to allow for more effective internal data management. 
  • Purchasing new equipment for the NoMa BID Ambassadors, including a better equipped vehicle for service throughout the BID. 

Targeted work on this initiative for 2024 will include:

  • Conducting our biannual Community Survey to measure the effect of the BID’s work on the community and to gather information for future development of the BID. 
  • Regular, targeted engagement with residential and commercial building managers. 
  • Relaunching the NoMa Parks Foundation to serve as a dedicated steward of NoMa’s parks, arts, and public spaces. 

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