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Attract to NoMa, Incubate, and Support an Intentional Mix of Retail Businesses

Intentionally cultivating locally owned businesses, businesses that speak to the identity and culture of NoMa, and businesses owned by women and/or BIPOC helps to complement current retail and forge a resilient and empowering retail community for the future.

While NoMa’s retail profile is strong, targeted investments of time, resources, and the attention will result in a vibrant retail community in partnership with the residents and workers in the neighborhood.

Progress on this initiative in 2022 included:

  • During Black History, Women’s History and Asian Pacific Heritage months, spotlighting and celebrating on social media members of the NoMa community who represent these diverse communities
  • Engaging a consultant to design and implement an intentional retail attraction and incubation strategy
  • Developing a new retail map to educate brokers about the culture and benefits of locating in NoMa
  • Using unique opportunities such as the café space at Alethia Tanner Park to attract one-of-a-kind businesses to NoMa
  • Launching the Metropolitan Beer Trail, a free digital passport and prize-incentivized marketing program, and inviting thousands of customers to visit seven NoMa and NoMa-adjacent breweries and bars adjacent to the
    Metropolitan Branch Trail
  • Celebrating new retail openings in NoMa and promoting them to the community, including the Duncan Dog Hotel and Day Spa, F45 Training, and the CitizenM hotel.
  • Prioritizing meeting BID procurement needs via NoMa and NoMa-adjacent businesses, including event support, printing, catering, and more.
  • Providing promotion and information on BID services and to new and returning businesses
    to improve their chances of success in the marketplace
  • Convening NoMa BID businesses to establish a strong network of BID-led and peer-based support at our quarterly business socials

Targeted work on this initiative for 2023 will include:

  • Aligning the BID’s own purchasing and procurement policies with this initiative and in support of the strategic pillars
  • Launching the intentional retail strategy mentioned above
  • Serving new retail from lease-signing to launch, via targeted support, promotion, and more
  • Redesigning and launching our brand-new website, with a dedicated section for NoMa retail

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