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Leverage the Redesigned Virtual Circle to Connect, Beautify, and Enhance NoMa

The NoMa Parks Foundation has worked with DDOT to design and build an incredible trio of public plazas and green space at the heart of NoMa. These yet-to-be-named spaces form a green and walkable bridge between the southern core of NoMa and the Eckington end of the neighborhood. While these spaces are designed to be a draw for the community of residents and workers, the BID will utilize programming and core services to truly bring them to life.

The strategy to do so is necessarily different from a space like Tanner Park and must be centered on creating a communal sense of ownership in the spaces, while finding creative ways to connect people with them that feel organic and comfortable.

Progress on this initiative in 2023 included:

  • Publicizing the upcoming infrastructure changes and promoting the value of the new plaza/park spaces. 
  • Managing the public naming process for the new spaces, a months-long effort to engage with both the NoMa and District-wide communities who will experience the plazas, culminating in more than 1,000 suggested names, and more than 4,000 votes. The final name for the spaces will be Mamie “Peanut” Johnson Plaza, which took 40% of the vote. 
  • Partnering with DDOT and other city agencies for the demolition of the Wendy’s property, kicking off the streetscape project and drawing public attention to the forthcoming public spaces. 
  • Ensuring that DDOT develops the plans for the spaces as designed, by connecting the project team with the design team. 
  • Establishing working relationships with Eckington stakeholders, including the staff of Councilmember Parker’s office, the new leadership of the Eckington Civic Association, and the new Area Neighborhood Commissioner for the area that includes the BID. 

Targeted work on this initiative for 2024 will include:

  • Actively working to maintain the connection between the north and south ends of NoMa during construction work on the intersection. 
  • Initial planning of operations and community engagement around the new spaces, including working with ANCs and civic associations, and launching ongoing communications to stakeholders. 
  • Working with WMATA to market Metro and educate employers about mass transit. 
  • Including commuter education for employers in the BID’s business services portfolio. 
  • Managing the work of SWA Balsley in order to oversee the build-out of the new public spaces. 
  • Begin planning for the opening and use of the new public spaces, currently scheduled for early 2025. 

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